Estate Planning with CLA USA Helps Seniors Secure the Future

A recent MSN Money article discussed the five biggest threats to retirement dreams. Not to surprisingly, considering the source of the article, four of the five involve money – having enough money, planning money wisely and the lack of seniors estate planning are all among the top five threats to a comfortable, secure retirement. None of the information in the article is surprising for the agents who work for CLA USA, who deal with seniors and retirees estate planning concerns every day. CLA USA financial services, in fact, can help secure the future and reduce the risk of four of the five major threats to your dream retirement.

This year – and every year for the foreseeable future – approximately 77 million people will reach retirement age. The television commercials for retirement products, financial planners and investment planners make retirement look worry-free and appealing, but living that dream of a retirement life requires more than just retirement planning. It requires regular adjustments to your retirement planning and estate plan to make sure that it still suits your needs and will protect you and your assets for the rest of your life. Here are the five threats that the MSN Money article highlighted, and how CLA USA financial services can help you deal with each of them.


Your 401K, IRA or other pension plan gives you a head start on financing your retirement, but it’s important to keep on top of those investments and make sure that they continue to serve your needs. Review your personal situation as you approach retirement to figure out where you stand and how your investments are serving you now. The aggressive financial investment strategies that are appropriate for building your retirement fund during younger years may be too risky as you approach and enter retirement. CLA USA specializes in conservative financial planning strategies that are designed to preserve your assets and keep them growing at a steady, reliable pace.


Your health can have an impact on your experiences and finances during and throughout your retirement years. The right health insurance products, including long term care insurance and catastrophic illness insurance, can help you weather unexpected illnesses without depleting your savings and nest egg. Those insurance products will not only help preserve your savings – they can help you heal faster by allowing you to focus on your health rather than worrying about how to pay the bills. Investing in the right insurance can also ensure that you and your loved ones have access to needed treatment and care without the risk of bankrupting yourself or spending the estate you’d planned to pass on to the next generation.

Your Home

For many seniors, their estate is intrinsically entangled with their home, property or house. Taking the time to create an estate plan and financial plan can help you preserve your family home and ensure that it is transferred to the next generation if that’s your wish. CLA USA estate agents can help with estate planning tools and instruments that take your family home into account and your assets are arranged to protect it.

Your Time

While CLA USA financial services can’t help you with your time management or help you arrange your time to stay involved in your local community, knowing that your financial house is in order can provide you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your retirement.

Seniors Estate Planning

Seniors estate planning is a CLA USA specialty. Working with CLA USA, you can arrange all of your assets and set up your estate to ensure that your assets are protected from estate taxes and fees after your death, and provide for an orderly transfer of assets to your heirs. Knowing that your family will not have to deal with uncertainties and unexpected delays and complications after your death can make your retirement more enjoyable and carefree.

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Five Reasons to Call CLA USA About Estate Planning

Have you thought about what will happen to your house, bank accounts and other assets when you die? If you’re like most people, you may have thought about it vaguely. You may even have written a will to designate heirs for your estate, but chances are that you haven’t thought much about estate planning beyond that. CLA USA, a financial services company that focuses on estate planning, asset protection and financial stability for older adults, believes that more adults need to have conversations about senior estate planning and asset preservation. According to the company, anyone who will be leaving any assets to a surviving spouse, children, grandchildren or any other heirs should take a serious look at how retirement income, taxes, fees and other expenses might affect the estate they plan to leave to their heirs. If you’ve never thought about estate planning, there are some very good reasons why you should have a serious conversation with a CLA USA professional about ways to position your assets so that they’ll be there for your entire life and beyond.

Conservative Financial Planning for Retirement
Retirement planning is the first important part of estate planning. The first priority in any type of financial planning is to ensure that your assets will last throughout your retirement and cover all of your needs as you grow older. CLA USA offers services and financial products that can help ensure a positive income stream throughout your life, as well as insurance and other financial tools to protect your assets against the unexpected expenses of long-term care or catastrophic illness.

Surviving Spouse Benefits
Will your spouse have the income he or she needs after you pass on? There are many ways to ensure that your assets will be immediately available to your spouse and other heirs, and CLA USA agents are versed at explaining the various options so that you can make your own informed decisions about your finances and your estate. Because estate matters can be complex, CLA USA agents also encourage all clients to consult their own tax attorneys and accountants and will cooperate in every way to make it easier to get good advice about your estate plan.

Taxes on Retirement Income
Income from social security is seldom enough to live on comfortably, but if you’ve had the foresight to make successful investments to bring in income throughout your retirement, you may end up owing taxes on your retirement benefits. CLA USA can help you position your assets in a way that reduces or even eliminates your tax liability on Social Security and other retirement benefits.

Medical Expenses
Today’s retirees are living longer than ever. The expenses for long term care and unexpected medical expenses arising from catastrophic illness can wreak havoc on your retirement plans. Careful, conservative financial planning can help you reduce the impact of those unexpected expenses on your estate. CLA USA offers options that include long term care and catastrophic illness insurance that can help preserve the nest egg you built and ensures that your medical and care expenses are met responsibly, without placing an undue burden on your family.

In addition, CLA USA offers a full range of estate preservation strategies and tools that can help you reposition your assets and arrange for transfer of your assets to your heirs in ways that reduce tax liabilities and maximize the benefits your heirs receive.

For over 20 years, CLA USA has focused on providing senior estate planning and conservative financial planning for seniors and older adults. The Dallas Better Business Bureau recognizes the company’s reputation for excellent service by awarding an A+ rating to CLA USA.

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Let CLA USA Help You Plan for the Future

Today’s uncertain financial markets have hit everyone hard, but they’ve taken an especially severe toll on seniors and those approaching retirement. Retirees who built retirement funds over the course of their working lives have watched those funds shrink drastically, leaving them in doubt about the security of their future. CLA USA, a financial services company headquartered in Frisco, Texas, understands those uncertainties in a way that few other companies do. For over 20 years, CLA USA has been providing financial planning tools and services for seniors who want to preserve their assets and protect their estates.

CLA USA specializes in conservative financial planning that’s most appropriate for older adults whose focus should be on preserving wealth and generating a moderate stream of income through safe investments. The company’s agents understand that the uncertainties of today’s markets can be difficult, and that the range of financial instruments and services for wealth and asset preservation can be confusing to most adults. That’s why every agent is trained to present the varied options in clear, easy-to-understand terms that make it easier for people to make their own decisions about their financial futures.
The company provides a wide range of services and financial products, including deferred annuities and life insurance policies that pay surviving spouse benefits and various insurance products that can provide income and protect against unexpected expenses such as long term care costs and the expense of dealing with catastrophic illnesses.

CLA USA is uniquely positioned to serve seniors. In more than 20 years of providing financial services and assistance to seniors, the company has earned the kind of reputation that most companies would envy. In its home region, CLA USA holds an A+ rating from the Dallas Better Business Bureau, a rating that is echoed by numerous other BBB branches around the country where CLA USA operates. The rating is based on the low number of CLA USA complaints, and on the company’s history of complaint resolution which is miles above that of other agencies that operate in the same financial sector.

The company’s agents are trained to help seniors take a realistic look at their current financial situation, evaluate vulnerabilities and needs and device a financial strategy that will be most advantageous to the client. Because they frequently work with seniors who have spent their lives working and have little experience with the various laws, regulations and instruments surrounding income, taxes and transfer of assets, CLA USA agents make it a point to help older adults understand how various financial options will affect their estates. They focus on positive, conservative financial solutions that preserve wealth while maintaining access to assets. The company focuses on educating seniors about the many hidden benefits of senior estate planning and asset transfers provided in the current tax laws.

If you’re facing retirement in these unsettling financial times, it’s vital to make sure that your nest egg is protected. CLA USA is one of the few companies in the country that focuses exclusively on assisting you in planning for the future, through retirement and beyond.

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CLA Estate Planning Services and Tips for Seniors

Few seniors recognize the importance of estate planning. That’s something that CLA Estate Services is working to change. The Frisco, Texas company provides seniors estate planning services in cities around the country. Among the CLA estate planning services provided by CLA-ES are workshops that serve as an introduction to estate planning for retirees and older adults, many of whom have never thought about estate planning. They regularly work with people to whom terms like conservative financial planning, wealth preservation and asset protection are foreign terms. In a business often characterized by class action lawsuits, CLA Estate Services takes pride in its record of providing real value to consumers – a record that has garnered an A+ rating for CLA ES from the Better Business Bureau of Dallas, and in many other cities in which the company does business.

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy, CLA ES representatives point out. Any middle income individual or family who has managed his money well is likely to have an estate that he or she intends to pass on as an inheritance. Even a family home, insurance policies or a retirement fund can add up to an estate that would benefit from conservative financial planning designed to protect assets, reduce taxes and ensure that property is distributed in the way the owner intends.

CLA Estate Services workshops are designed to help seniors organize their assets and decide whether CLA estate planning services can help them identify how to position their assets in the most advantageous way possible. They aim to help seniors who may never have consulted a lawyer about planning their estates and have little knowledge about ways to protect and preserve their assets. For many attendees, the CLA estate planning services workshop is the first time they’ve really thought about important issues like guardianship, retirement issues like unexpected expenses and ensuring that their families know their wishes about their estates and their care if they should become incapacitated or after their passing. CLA provides general information about these important subjects and emphasizes the importance of consulting with a lawyer on which strategies and documents are most appropriate for their needs.

Estate planning is more important than ever. Medical advances and changing societal attitudes have combined over the past few decades. Today’s retirees are living longer and enjoying their lives more than any generation before them. CLA estate planning services can help retirees ensure that their retirement nest egg will cover their expenses and still allow them to pass on an inheritance to their children and heirs.

Even more importantly, senior estate planning makes things easier on families who are faced with difficult decisions. An estate plan can include everything from a will to a list of the music to be played at a memorial service. It can provide families with the information they need about life insurance policies, surviving spouse benefits, safety deposit boxes and other important assets, as well as a list of steps that families should take to ensure that they receive all of the benefits intended for them.

CLA estate planning services can help seniors organize their affairs and communicate their wishes to their family members. No other company provides the full range of assistance which CLA Estate Services has provided for many years.

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CLA USA Assists Seniors with Conservative Financial Strategies

In today’s turbulent market, conservative financial planning strategies make sense for most seniors. CLA USA financial services   company is based in Texas, has been assisting seniors with estate  planning and conservative financial planning for over 20 years. The  company takes pride in its record of providing the best service and  information to its clients. That record of service and the low number of   CLA USA complaints have won the company an A+ rating from its local  Better Business Bureau and BBB branches in other regions in which the  company does business.

Why Conservative Financial Planning Is Important for Seniors

Retirees and those approaching retirement are often concerned about  ensuring that their nest eggs will provide income for life and leave  enough to pass on an estate to their heirs. Far too many, however, put  off making the plans that will ensure a positive outcome. CLA USA  specializes in providing a complete line of financial and insurance  products that suit a conservative financial planning strategy whose main   focus is estate preservation and asset protection.

Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, most retirees will live  significantly longer than their parents did – but retirement plans and  arrangements made decades ago don’t always take the extra years of life into account. As the years pass, seniors may find themselves facing  expenses and decisions they never expected. CLA USA offers a range of  financial solutions that can help seniors plan for these unexpected  happenings in a way that preserves their retirement benefits, provides  surviving spouse benefits, if necessary, and provide a legacy to their  children.

Because individual needs differ widely, CLA USA agents are trained to  provide solutions about a full range of options to seniors utilizing  annuities, life insurance and long term care insurance. These solutions help provide for your needs throughout your life and ensure that your  assets are protected for your heirs.

CLA USA can also assist seniors and their families  with financial solutions that ease the transfer of assets and reduce  the emotional and legal difficulties that many families face. If you  have concerns about your financial planning for the future or your  family’s financial future, a consultation with a CLA USA   agent in your area is a good place to start learning about the various   strategies and solutions available to help you protect your assets and   ensure that you have income to enjoy your retirement.

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Planning for the Future with CLA USA Financial Services

As older adults approach and pass retirement age, many consider estate planning and wealth preservation from a senior’s estate planning viewpoint – often for the first time. Those who have made moderately successful investments to see them through retirement often realize that the strategies they’ve used to build a retirement nest egg are not always suited to preserving that nest egg and ensuring that it will be there for all of their needs. CLA USA financial services, a company based in Frisco, Texas, has based their entire business on providing the types of financial products and services that fit the more conservative financial planning strategies that can help seniors deal with the financial realities and protect their estates from erosion caused by various factors.

CLA USA offers several different kinds of insurance products specifically designed to help older adults safeguard their finances and position their assets in a way that is most advantageous for them. Unlike some other companies who claim to “assist seniors”, CLA USA agents do not sell “living trusts” or push seniors into expensive products that offer few benefits for them. Instead, CLA agents provide information about the various financial and insurance products they offer, answer questions and advice consumers to always check with their own lawyers and tax professionals before making any decisions.

Every CLA USA representative is a professional insurance agent licensed under the laws of his or her home state. In addition, the company provides firm guidance on ethical considerations and practices they must follow when dealing with CLA USA’s chosen audience – senior adults who wish to preserve their assets and ensure that their needs are met throughout their lives. Because of the company’s strict adherence to these ethical standards, there have been remarkably few CLA USA complaints over the years the company has been in business.

In fact, the Better Business Bureau in CLA’s home region has given the company an A+ rating for years. This high rating is based on the low number of complaints filed against the company and on CLA USA’s commitment to resolving every single complaint positively. Accordingly, the BBB notes that every single CLA USA complaint has been closed with a satisfactory outcome or closed administratively after BBB investigated. In an industry rife with those who take advantage of seniors, that’s an impressive record.

If you’ve reached retirement age and are considering ways to preserve your wealth and ensure that your nest egg provides for all of your needs in the future, CLA USA financial services and products could be instrumental in reaching your goal. Learn more from a CLA USA representative in your area.

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What Is CLA USA Financial Services?

CLA USA is a financial services company that offers financial services aimed at seniors, retirees and those approaching retirement. The company has been in the business of helping seniors preserve their estates and plan their finances since 1984. Unlike many companies that have a broad-based market focus, CLA USA Financial Services concentrates on helping seniors with a conservative planning strategy that maximizes profits and reduces risks, taxes and other losses that can have unexpectedly large effects on the nest egg they’ve spent their lives building.

People live longer than ever before. In fact, advances to medicine and advances in general health have boosted the average life expectancy far beyond what it was even twenty or thirty years ago. The typical senior set up a retirement plan based on a timeline that is suddenly extended by as much as 20 or 25 years. Today’s largest growing population segment is the over-85 senior. This new threshold raises financial issues that past generations never had to consider, concerns about long term planning, lifelong care and estate planning that provides the kind of flexibility that today’s seniors need.

To that end, CLA USA Financial Services offers a wide variety of financial planning products and services to assist seniors in arranging their assets in the most advantageous way possible. CLA USA agents are experienced and knowledgeable in the various strategies that can help retirees extend their retirement funds and protect their estates from the erosion of taxes, fees and the rising costs of long term care and medical care.

CLA USA agents provide seniors with the information they need to choose among the many options for protecting their assets. Unlike many so-called financial planning services, CLA USA doesn’t offer a single product or type of product as a panacea for future financial problems. Instead, each CLA USA is trained to help each client assess his or her financial position and review the various financial options that can best protect or enhance that position. Those financial options include such products and services as arranging for surviving spouse benefits, strategic IRA planning, IRA conversions and legacy IRA stretch planning to spread tax liability.

CLA USA representatives also help seniors work through the many tax, legal and financial policies that can affect the size and duration of retirement funds with common-sense estate tax planning and products that help reduce taxes on Social Security and retirement savings. Other important financial strategies offered include insuring against the costs of long term care and catastrophic illnesses with insurance and additional savings, as well as wealth building and estate preservation strategies that help maximize income and preserve as much of it as possible for your surviving spouse and heirs.

CLA USA Financial Services is proud to have been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau in many regions across the country, including in the company’s home region. If you’re looking for honest dealings and information that can help you plan for a secure future, a CLA USA representative has what you need to know.

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